Brookwood Golf Team Info Team Tryout Information

Team Tryout Information 


All young men/women who want to play competitive golf for the Brookwood Broncos in 2019 should strongly consider participating in a level-appropriate agenda of golf events.


Join a junior tour.  Atlanta Junior Golf will open their summer schedule to members for registration in mid-March.  We advise that virtually every golfer who's not swarmed with a national-level series of events participate IN AT LEAST FOUR EVENTS.  Visit their website at for more information.

Most of our varsity-level guys will complement their Atlanta Junior rotation with either a Southeastern Junior Golf membership, a Georgia PGA Junior Pass, or will sample national-level junior tournaments.  There are plenty of choices out there, so don't be bashful about surfing around for one that fits your game, schedule, and desired investment level.


Must do events this year are....

  • The Georgia PGA Junior Championship
  • The GSGA Junior Championship
  • The USGA Junior Amateur Championship Qualifier



On some days, we'll play the courses; on other days, we'll simply stay in at the range/practice area to work on particular golf skills.  Players must be picked up by a parent/carpool person promptly at TBA each day. These sessions will be called by team captains and/or Coach Thompson/Graham/Terry/Sochacki.


Exemption Star System (effective 5/17/13)**

In order to exempt Phase I of the 2019 Q-School Tournament, you must earn NINE (9) Exemption Stars.  For 2019, we’ve classified the stars into CATEGORIES based on the qualities we expect to see from our golfers.  However, players may earn their stars across any/all categories and are not required to demonstrate complete balance, though we encourage them to do so.



Service (1 star)

  • Participate in the team’s cleanup of SC tee areas, and/or practice range


Conduct (1 star)

  • Only one detention for the 2017-2018 school year
  • No official visits to class grade office


Core Academics (1 star)

  • 85 cumulative GPA to date (English, F-Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Theology), or
  • 87 GPA for the 2016-2017 school year, or
  • 89 GPA for the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year


Work Ethic (1 star)

  • Complete the Short Game weekly practice schedule
  • Shoot 45 or better on short game course for 18 holes 2 or more times


Participation (1 star)

  • Attend 75% of Fall Practice Sessions, or
  • Earn a Summer Golf Badge by playing 5 or more tournament rounds


Performance (multiple star opportunities)

This is the one category in which golfers may earn multiple stars, within limits; all junior tournament accomplishments relative to a field must be viewed OVERALL, not within age groups.)

One Time Stars:

  • GHSA 7-AAAAAAA All Region Team
  • GHSA AAAAAAA All State
  • GHSA AAAAAAA State Championship Top 30
  • Win an Atlanta Junior Golf Association event (field and score balance = 8 players, 78 score)
  • Atlanta Junior Golf Grand Championship Invitee
  • USGA Junior Amateur Qualifier – make 18 hole cut at local site
  • GSGA State Amateur Qualifier (any other amateur event)
  • GSGA Junior Championship – make 36 hole cut
  • Georgia PGA Junior Championship Top 30 (and ties)
  • Break Par in any round of a certified junior golf event (may only be posted ONCE)
  • Future Masters Top 30 (and ties)
  • Southern Junior Golf Association Top 25 (and ties)
  • Win your club’s Junior Championship

The following may be achieved for a single star UP TO THREE TIMES EACH:

  • 2-day Plantations Junior Top 5 (and ties)
  • 2-day Hurricane Junior Top 8 (and ties)
  • 2-day Georgia PGA Junior Tour Top 10 (and ties)
  • 2-day Southeastern Junior Tour Top 12 (and ties)
  • American Junior Golf Top 40 (and ties)

Double-Star Earning Opportunities:

  • GHSA AAAAAAA State Championship Top 10 (and ties)
  • USGA Junior Amateur Qualifier Top 5
  • Future Masters Top 5 (and ties)
  • Atlanta Junior Golf Grand Championship Top 20
  • American Junior Golf Association Top 18 (and ties)
  • SJGT, Georgia PGA Junior, or American Junior Top 4 (and ties)
  • Win a PJGT or Hurricane Event

Triple-Star Earning Opportunities:

  • GHSA AAAAAA State Championship Top 3 (and ties)
  • Win an SJGT, Georgia PGA Junior, or American Junior Event
  • American Junior Golf Association Top 5
  • Atlanta Junior Golf Grand Championship Top 3
  • Major Junior Invitational (Future Masters, Bubba Conley, Azalea Junior, Callaway Junior, Big I) Win

Four-Star Earning Opportunities:

  • American Junior Golf Association Win


**The Coaches reserve the right to consider any request for a star that an exemption candidate may make. However, a golfer may only submit TWO requests for special consideration, and, whether successfully appealed or not, that is the limit on the number of player appeals.  Players ONLY are responsible for logging in their stars in a timely manner in the logbook on Coach’s desk. Stars must be claimed within 21 days of being earned (72 days over the summer).