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Golf Scholarship Information

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How do I get a college golf scholarship?
Earning a golf scholarship is more than just about shooting low scores; it’s about shooting the scores in the right tournaments. Don’t expect to be found just because you are playing in tournaments. You must make the effort to get in contact with college golf coaches and continually update them when you have significant tournament results to report. 

How do I get a college golf coach to see me?
Coaches will only come to your tournaments once you have established contact and proven you are a serious recruit. Often times coaches are very particular about the tournaments they visit, so be prepared to go to those tournaments first. 

How do I improve my chances of earning a college golf scholarship?
With golf being a non-revenue sport, having good grades will help open up more opportunities. The more schools you can qualify for academically the higher your chance will be of earning a scholarship.

How do I get recruited for a golf scholarship?
College golf coaches want to recruit athletes who have great potential and strong fundamentals. Showing your potential goes beyond just playing golf. 

What are the academic requirements to be eligible for a golf scholarship?
The academic requirements for what a college golf coach is looking for changes based on university and division level. 

What are the athletic requirements to receive a golf scholarship?
These are the general guidelines for what coaches look for in a golfer. If you fall outside of these general requirements it is still possible to play at that level but there will be fewer opportunities.

Men’s Golf

Driving Distance 270+ yards 260+ yards 260+ yards 250+ yards
Putts Per Round Under 30 Under 32 Under 34 Under 34
Scrambling 50% 45% 40% 35%

D1 - Average Scores from courses over 6,800 yards Low End: 65 - High End: 75

DII - Average Scores from courses over 6,700 yards Low End: 68 - High End: 79

DIII - Average Scores from courses over 6,700 yards Low End: 70 - High End: 83


Women’s Golf

Driving Distance 235+ yards 225+ yards 225+ yards 220+ yards
Putts Per Round Under 34 Under 36 Under 36 Under 38
Scrambling 50% 45% 45% 35%

D1 - Average Scores from courses over 6,400 yards Low End: 66 - High End: 78

DII - Average Scores from courses over 6,200 yards Low End: 70 - High End: 88

DIII - Average Scores from courses over 6,200 yards Low End: 75 - High End: 92




A central clearinghouse will certify your athletics eligibility for Division I and II. If you intend to participate in Division I or II athletics as a Freshman, you must register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. The following web links will better clarify this process and start you on your way to being certified. This process will cost you $30 and can be done with your school or on the web (credit card needed). This eligibility clearinghouse basically is verifying that you took the required approved NCAA Core Courses while in high school. Since the NCAA is verifying your Core Courses, it is recommended that you apply AFTER your Junior year. When you take your SAT's, be sure to mark code 9999 on the test and your scores will automatically be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.

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