Brookwood Golf Team Info Preparing to Make Team

Preparing to Make Team 

The only way to get better at tournament golf is to PLAY tournament golf. If you are a rising 8th or 9th grader, you are strongly encouraged to play as many tounaments as you can from one or more of the "Tours" listed below.

Rising sophmores through seniors, Many of you are already competing in these tours, and I would like to encourage you to step up and play at least 2 - 3 tournaments in one of the more advanced tours than you regularly play in.

Also look for opportunities to play in your Golf Club's Mens/Womens Events, or any local events as you can.

Lets continue our strong tradition of making it to the State Tournament each year and of producing college bound players.


Atlanta Junior Golf

Georgia Junior

Great Venue for Middle Schoolers, or those new to Competitive Golf. Many Local 9 hole and 18 hole Tournaments.

Georgia PGA Junior Tour

Georgia PGA Junior Tour 

The Georgia PGA Junior Tour is open to all males and females between the ages of 11-21. Age is determined upon the first round of a tournament. They must reside in the state of Georgia. Mixture of 18 and 36 hole Tournaments.

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

All boys and girls between the ages of 11-18 are eligible to participate - Good tour for Beginners to Advance. Many Colleges scout from this tour. Events are held in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and North Carolina. Golfers who participate on tour will compete in one of four age divisions: Boys 11-14, 15-18, and Girls 11-14 and 15-18. Each Hurricane Junior Golf Tour event is ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard.

Southeastern Junior Golf

Southeastern Junior Golf 

More Advanced Tour - 36 hole 2 day tounament, many tounaments around Atlanta and within 2 - 3 hour drive. Colleges of all levels are looking at players in this tour. Southeastern Junior Golf Tour events are ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard. Many events are quaifiers for the American Junior Tour.

American Junior Golf Tour

American Junior Tour

Very Advanced Tour. Need to be playinig on this tour if you want a real shot at Getting a Major DIV I scholarship. More than 200 AJGA alumni play on the PGA and LPGA Tours and have earned more than 350 Tour victories.